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Ray Baker Rev Marvin Adams Sr. Chiraq The Series
Ray Baker as
"Rev. Marvin" Adams Sr.
Eric Lane as Marshawn Chiraq The Series
Eric Lane as
"Marshawn Adams"
Youngest Son 
Leader of the Black Hustlers Gang,
Simeon Henderson as Marshall Chiraq The Series
Simeon Henderson as
"Marshall Adams"
Middle Son
Sgt. on the Gang Tactical Unit  (G.T.U)
Rodger Jackson Chiraq The Series
Rodger Jackson as "Marvin Adams Jr" 
Oldest Son died in Iraq
Michelle Shelton Huff as Brenda Chiraq The Series
Michelle Shelton Huff as
"Brenda Adams"
Wife of Marvin Jr, 
Mother of "Mason"
Terry Bell Chiraq The Series
Terry Bell as
"Mason Adams"
Grandson Of Rev. Marvin Sr.


The  ADAMS  Family

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