"CHI-RAQ The Series"

                                                                 - A Community Torn...  Hope Reborn -




"CHI-RAQ The Series" is a brand new, original, dramatic, American series created and produced by William Pierce.


The moniker "CHIRAQ" originates from Chicago's urban youth blending the name Chicago and Iraq, due to the high volume of homicides in Chicago outnumbering the causalites in the War on Terror in Iraq.


This series follows two American households (The Adams & The De La Garzas) as they struggle to maintain the safety and survival of their respective families.


Meanwhile, neighborhood gangs (The Black Hustlers & The Spanish Angels) are locked into a violent feud, constantly divided along racial lines as well as physical boundaries.  As a result of their ongoing conflicts, violence and brutality has become an everyday occurence in this community. 


"CHI-RAQ The Series" is shot on location in Chicago, Illinois and boldly aims to explore the lives of several families 
tragically affected by the ruthless sub-culture of the city's criminal underworld. 


Complete with a dynamic cast of players ranging from local non-actors to seasoned professionals this episodic drama promises to deliver a raw and unflinching portrayal of the street life.

While the city is plagued by violence of epidemic proportions, a notorious narcotics trade growing wildly by the day and government corruption at an all-time high, communities are torn apart and left with the question...


"If not us, who will make a change for the better?"



             Series Bio;   Russell Norman - consulting producer/writer/director  -  swahilifilms@yahoo.com




                                          Check Out The FOX32 News Story Covering "CHIRAQ The Series" Below!

Unlike Lee’s “Chiraq,” Pierce’s TV show is true life

-Ruth Ratny, ReelChicago (11.17.2015)


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